Thursday, October 15, 2009

Prolotherapy or Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT)

Prolotherapy (or RIT) is an invasive naturopathic treatment that causes the proliferation of new ligament tissue. Osmotic shock agents, (in my case 12.5% dextrose, 1% procaine solution) are injected at the area where the ligaments attach to the bone (in my case, both ankle processes on both my left and right feet). The agent breaks open the surface of the cell walls and allows the cell contents to spill out including prostaglandins....blah blah blah...

A total of ~30 hypodermic needle injections into my ankles over the course of about 15 minutes was absolutely the most excruciating treatment I've ever experienced, even with the local anestheic. The swelling and pain of the treatment is suppossed to trigger a healing effect and leave you with increased range of motion, regained strength and flexibility and reduce the pain and swelling after a few days. I have a follow up treatment next week, and a my final treatment in a month.

I'll keep you posted as to how the treatment works as it's suppossed to be helpful for all kinds of injuries involving tendons, ligaments and cartilage.


  1. Why did you need to go in for this treatment? Did you have previous injuries and what were they?

  2. I have had many ankle injuries in the past and my ankles are less than stable. The pain in regular day to day life had become chronic and often times unbearable.

    During squash it was more the instability, but running, walking and jumping was not pleasant.

    I had round 2 today and it was not nearly as painful as the first session. In 2 weeks I have my final treatement and then therapy is supposed to be finished.

    So far the results have been 1) a dramatic decrease in pain, 2) much more stability and 3) no clicking noises.

  3. I had prolotherapy done on my SI joint last year. I did seem to work although it took probably 4-5 months after my last injection before I noticed an improvement which was a bit longer than the 2-3 they had suggested it would take.


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