Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rankings at the "Eau C"

The Squash Alberta Rankings are a good indication of where someone's level of play is. Ranking is based solely on performance in matches that are sanctioned by Squash Alberta. This includes Calgary Interclub Squash League, Edmonton Squash League and Squash Tournaments that have registered and been approved for sanctioning by Squash Alberta.

If your name appears on the ranking system, but you don't have a number beside your name, or it says "0", then you don't have enough games played, or wins to gauge your level of play. Currently there are over 1200 men and 400 women ranked in Alberta with hundreds of players who are entered in the system but have yet to be ranked.

Here is where the Eau Claire Interclub players are ranked...(I've included the Bow Valley Women as they are really from Eau Claire.)

74Paul Adamiak, 76Derek Shtand, 90Ciaran Godfrey, 93Domi Diaz, 134Trevor Slaughter, 269John Gamma, 368David Slaughter, 376Kelvin Paul, 386Aaron Johnstone, 393Tom Emerson, 411David Mercier, 426David Cairns, 428Bernie Howlett, 465Rick Spyker, 476Dave Sluggett, 484David Mulligan, 530Kim Wilmot, 693Martin Giffy D Souza, 871 Paul Albert, 860 Scott Gordon, 880 Ryan Fernandez, 921 Chris Doyle, 911 Ian Mckinnon, 933 Tomasz Kedzierski, 976 Zimran Muhammad.

35Carol Vallee, 46Solana Jear, 71Helen Newsome, 79 Sandra Deren, 89 Michelle Hollins, 107
Sandi Austin, 172Adele Mansell, 137Barbara Wyrsch, 150Faye Mak, 339Sandy Schaffer.

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