Saturday, January 2, 2010


After weeks of careful research and watching hundreds of testimonials on youtube and speaking with extremely fit people who have completed the program, I decided to undertake the P90X program and decide for myself whether this program would indeed improve my strength, flexibility and do all the wonderful things it promises to do in just 90 days.

After one week of maintaining the strenuous workouts for 1.5hrs a day and minimizing my natural tendency to overeat(but not following the diet plan or eliminating alcohol), I have already felt the effects of this grueling exercise regime.

The first workout is by far the most difficult combining pushups and chinups, followed up on the second day by the second most difficult comprised of plyometrics or jump training. Compared to my summer plyometric training, this is less rigorous but by no means easy. Yoga, legs and back, then Kenpo X(which is pretty much Tae Bo), then a day of stretching finish the week off which will be repeated for the following 2 weeks. All of the weighted workouts are followed by Ab Ripper X, which is a 15 minute full core workout that really strains my hip flexors, but I've already seen improvement.

Muscle confusion is the name of the game, and mixing up the workouts is supposed to prevent the exercises from ever becoming easy and keeping the body guessing allowing for maximum results. Rest is essential as I have found myself becoming extremely tired after workouts and really straining to play squash. I have played pretty much every day although, after plyometrics on the second day, it felt like I was wearing cement shoes.

Tomorrow is a X stretch day, which I look forward to. My lower back and knee pains, which have become more intense and chronic over the last few month are beginning to subside as has my restless leg syndrome, probably just from being so exhausted.

I plan to take weekly pictures and make updates regularly to monitor the effectiveness of this program. I had decided to use this program to supplement my inability to play squash in Ft.Mac. this winter and I suspect that once I can't play squash, I will need to manage my dietary intake more carefully.


  1. I loved P90X! I am doing P90X plus now and i love that even more lol. I was the same way, i kept looking and talking to people and doing searches, but without a doubt, Beachbody has great products, they have completely changed my life. They changed my life so much that i decided to become a coach.

    check out my site and let me know what you think.

  2. I've been doing P90X for almost 2 years now and it still kicks my butt. No more going to the gym. I let Beachbody make the workouts and I do them at home.


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