Monday, January 25, 2010

Don't forget how to win...

1. Hit the ball to a good length
•Hit ball firmly and move your opponent to play the ball near back of service box

2. Aim to have the ball finish in the back corner
•That’s the only way to maintain the T area.

3. Keep the ball close to the side wall
•The better shot is a straight shot. •If your shot clings to the side wall, your opponent has to play straight so you can anticipate more easily.

4. Recover to the T

•From the T you can reach 60% of your opponents shots in one stride. •If you are on the T you are controlling the rally.

5. Watch the ball at all times
•Watch ball onto your racket. •Watch ball onto opponent’s racket. •Watch ball when it goes behind you.

6. Make your opponent run.
•Be aware of your opponent’s position on court •Play the ball away from him. •Move opponent up and down the walls.

7. Volley whenever possible
•Give opponent less time to recover •Keep opponent at full stretch •Volley to a good length until the oportunity to volley short •Do not go for a winning shot every time there is an opportunity to volley.

8. Know when to delay shots
•That will wrong foot opponent •Make him wait for you to play and then make him run the longest distance •Stops and starts causes fatigue

9. Go for the short shots
•Good length game and good short game wins matches •Don’t play short until you first play length

10. Change the pace of the ball
•Keeps the opponent guessing •Breaks up opponent’s game •Helps you recover when tired

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