Wednesday, May 19, 2010

For the Hardcore Squashers

For those of you hardcore squashers who will continue to train over the summer, keep in mind a few things.

First, make sure to hit the gym. Strength training will make squash easier and help prevent injuries. Do weight training to improve muscle strength and even out your body. Squash players tend to be one side dominant which can throw off your spinal alignment, causing ankle, knee, hip and lower back problems. So if you've just barely gotten thru last season, you may consider getting in better shape so you don't get injured next season.

Second, practice your skills. Work on your serve, drop shot, length, volley, footwork and the list goes on. If you're gonna improve and make a change in your game, now's the time.

Third, go get lessons. An unbiased opinion might open your eyes to some obvious flaws in your game. And a some sound advice may be exactly what you need to hear to improve it. If you just seek advice from other players than you can take it or leave it, if you try it and it works...great, if you try it and it doesn't...oh well. The best option is to go and get lessons from a qualified squash instructor. A squash coach should individualize teaching to you, if your 5'1" and he's telling you to play the same style at someone who is 6'5", you may want to think twice...don't get me wrong, there are lots of universal things that all players must learn, but your squash style should be as individual as your finger print.

And the last thing I'll leave you with is this:
Play people you are better than to practice the things you've learned in a game situation...don't worry if you lose, just practice the things you are working on. If you wanna improve any shot, you need to first be able to make that shot under low pressure.

Play people around the same level as you to work on your competitiveness and ability to win. Much of your match level confidence can be either built up or torn down in these matches, so always concentrate on keeping a clear head in these games and develop the style and strategy you want to play and get used to playing it.
Play people better than you and work your ass off. You will not get better just being on court with someone better, in fact, if you just get on court and half ass it, you will only learn to lose. You may improve slightly on you ability to chase after a ball, but the idea here is to pick up on how better players construct points, what shots they hit to put you under pressure, so pay careful attention.

And as always HAVE FUN with it, it's just a game.

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