Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Interclub - First Match

Our Eau Claire YMCA men's team suffered our first team loss since 2008. Newcomer Andrew Gilbert hit the court first and came out a little flat against World Health's Amir Khalid. The ball was hot last night but both players insisted on taking big cuts at the ball and forcing lots of errant shots from the opponents. Andrew eventually found his feet and kept the ball tight and controlled up and down the walls and volleying short forcing Amir to run down a lot of balls. Andrew controlled most of the rallies but was challenged by Amir who refused to give up on any ball. Andrew grinded out a tough win in 5 games. Team Captain Domi Diaz also played a tough Match against World Health Captain Glen Handley. Lots of loose rallies extended this game to over 75 minutes. With lots of bumping and playing through, it was apparent that both players were struggling to control the ball. Both players suffered mental lapses throughout the match, each dropping a game scoring less than 6 points. Down 2-12, Glen served the ball directly into the floor inspiring a mental lapse in Domi (who couldn't stop laughing), Glen scored the next 2 points before Domi regained composure and took the 2nd game easily. The final 2 games went to extra points and eventually Domi lobbed the ball outta bounds in the fifth. Eau Claire number one, Trevor Slaughter put up a tough match against 6 foot 7 Allan Maculay, extending rallies with blistering cross courts but stuggled to get around Allan resulting in lots of lets called and arguments with the referee. Trevor changed up the strategy in the third working Allan to the front court and found more success than trying to move him to the backcourt but came up short, losing in 3. Top ranked Ciaran Godfrey battled Craig Smith another 5 setter. Ciaran stuck to his game plan of striking the ball hard and low and keeping Craig off balance. Craig capitalized on the flurries of mistakes made by Eau Claire's top ranked player. Ciaran dictated play the entire match giving and taking points from the scrambling world health player. Eventually Ciaran's pace was too much for Craig as Ciaran dominated the 5th game. World Health may have taken home the extra point, but after moving up a division from last year, Eau Claire sends out a message that we can run with the big boys. Our next match will take place in 2 weeks at the Glencoe Club at 7pm.

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