Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Prolotherapy - Round Three

After suffering for the last couple months with minor tennis elbow, last night was the straw that broke the camel's back...or in my case - elbow. Without any grip strength, I would say that it is almost impossible to create tension in the forearm. Tennis elbow has got to be the most excruciating ailment I've experienced. It started with just a lingering ache in my forearm, I got it massaged, I got some crazy chinese herbal patches, active release, physiotherapy. Doctors all recommended that I just stop playing squash for a couple months to allow the tendons to heal....yeah right.

I thought it would go away, tried wearing a tension band around my tricep and forearm, but it wasn't the same. My arm was weak, my hand was flimsy and my elbow caused me unbelievable pain. Ice was a temporary solution, but as soon as it got warm the irritation would start back up. Playing horribly the last couple days I decided that I need to get this fixed...NOW.

I went to the naturopath that injected my ankles with prolotherapy solution a year ago. My ankles have never been the same, by the way. They are stronger than ever, no clicking sounds, no ankle braces, just reinforced ligaments and tendons that provide me with confidence moving around court. I've actually felt my foot turn over while moving on court and the ligament supporting my dynamic weight and not stretching or tearing. So even though I knew I would have to suffer through the injections into my elbow joint (it was almost 60 injections into both ankles in 2 sessions)and then the days of soreness that would follow, I felt that it was worth the risk.

At lunchtime today I walked over to Dr.Mike Hoffman without appointment and forced him to inject my elbow and provide an instant remedy for this debilitating injury. I could barely shake his hand and even the smallest poke at my elbow made me want to cry. The initial injection was right into the most painful bony process where the tendon attached my muscle to my joint. The stabbing pain was followed by a pressurized sensation as the fluid was injected...then euphoria. The procaine in the solution numbed my elbow, then my forearm and 8 injections later, I was relieved from my pain!!!

I went back to work and things were solid, I was excited to go up to Edmonton this weekend and play a tournament. I remember thinking that my arm still feels a bit weak, but at least there is no pain. But it creeped up on me, I could start to feel a tingling in my elbow about an hour after being injected. The tingling turned into throbbing and I eventually went home cause the pain had not only increased substantially, but prevented me from being able to concentrate. By the time I got home, I could barely move my arm...I knew this would happen and I'm currently dealing. I've temporarily become left handed as the swelling in my elbow has limited it's use. It's the irritation of the tendons that initiates the bodies healing process, so anti-inflammatory drugs would counteract the therapy.

This time tomorrow I should be fine, better than new even. I hope that I can endure as the healing process is almost unbearable...thank god for belvedere. A nice 2 day rest prior to tournament play is a great thing and promises to provide me with fresh legs, a fresh elbow and a fresh disposition for the Royal Glenora Season Opener on Friday. (but seriously - my elbow feels f'd up!)

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