Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weight Loss - Myths and Facts

In December 2009, I had reached about 198lbs, close to my all time high of 205lbs a couple years ago. Since that time I had started on the P90X workout program and followed it religiously for 9 weeks, but have since moved to only 3-4 times a week. I am currently at 183lbs and dropping. The goal is to get to 175lbs by September 2010, which would be a total weight loss of 28lbs. I've tried several types of weight loss programs and have seen the results of changing eating habits and exercise practices. So how am I doing it now, why have I been successful this year compared to years past? Well the key is understanding how the body actually works, and realizing that all these fads that people preach is total bullshit.

Here are some Bullshit Myths that will actually prevent you from losing weight.
Starvation mode slows your metabolism, this is bullshit - do you ever see any fat asses that are truly starving? Being hungry is really just our addiction to food, you can go days without eating and I'll bet you $50 you lose weight.
Don't eat after 8pm, why not? your body processes, including digestion occurs 24 hrs, just don't pig out after 8pm or before 8pm.

Eat lots of small meals throughout the day to boost your metabolism - people who say this don't even understand what metabolism means. Metabolism are the processes which occur in your body that breakdown food into useable energy. The variation in rate at which these processes occur is realtively insignificant, it's more about how much food one has to process. Essentially if you eat more in small doses than you would in one large meal, it will still take you longer to process. Cows graze on grass all day long and are f'ng huge, cheetahs may eat an entire antelope once a week and are lean beasts!
Drinking water boosts your metabolism, don't get me wrong, drinking water is good for you...but drinking water just helps to lubricate the digestive track to help you pass the waste through your system, it does not increase the rate at which metabolize the energy from food.
Cardio is the best way to lose fat...not true, building lean muscle with strength training will get you leaner faster and make it easier to burn off the calories that are stored in your fatty cells.
Anyhow there are a bunch more bullshit myths that are mainly propogated by people who work out religiously and if they stopped would also turn into fatties.
So as an athelete your calorie intake will be higher than those who don't exercise, so go ahead and eat whatever you want, just be sensible in how much of it you eat. And essentially squash is a cardio workout, so go out and do some strength training, it'll make squash easier as you won't be carrying around so much excess and your muscles will be stronger.

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